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20 January 2023

What is happening in Russia

Resulting in 2022, Russia retained the status of the 9th largest economy in the world

Despite the sanctions in 2022 the imports to Russia continued to flow from abroad. “Many Western firms have stopped selling their goods and services to Russia, but companies in other parts of the world are only too happy to help…”, says Economist newspaper. Logistics industry, warehouse business kept afloat, successfully transformed the supply chains and have every chance to grow in 2023.

Main trends and realities of the logistics equipment market in Russia:

1. Active refurbishment of warehouse space and reorganization of production processes
There was a reduction in the supply of equipment from European brands, which occupied the maximum market share in 2021. The vacation of the number of Western retailers from Russia has led to a mass change of warehouse space tenants. Russian retail is occupying abandoned niches and is actively re-equipping its premises.

2. Opening of new logistics hubs and distribution centers
Russia is a country with large territories where new warehouse complexes and logistics hubs are being opened. The central region of the Russian Federation is densely covered by logistics centers, and now there is an expansion to the regions.

3. Growth in demand for spare parts and components
Companies are keenly interested in finding new suppliers of machinery, equipment, spare parts, and components. The supply chains developed earlier have lost their relevance.

logo CeMAT RUSSIA  Exhibitions are a reflection of the situation in the industry market, and the CeMAT RUSSIA is a vivid confirmation of this. In 2022, an absolute record was recorded for the attendance of the event for all 12 years of its holding. This gave impetus to a new round of project development in 2023, and already now, 8 months before the start of the exhibition, 90% of the exhibition space has been sold. 

The event pushes its boundaries and for the first time in its history the exhibition will be held in 3 halls. We are waiting for you in Moscow from 19 to 21 September 2023.