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14 February 2020

What is being searched for at the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition? First-hand information

The CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition is, without a doubt, one of the key events well-known by the specialists of the logistical area in Russia. In the 10 years that it existed in our country, the exhibition experienced, as did the market, both rise and fall. Economic sanctions, the “freezing over” of the warehouse builder market, the ruble depreciation and many other things. External factors are inevitably reflected in the logistics markets first and on the exhibition later. Nonetheless, major most important changes cannot be seen with an eye of an outsider. Who is the visitor of the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition today? What are they searching for and what are they waiting for? Natalya Kalmykova, the project director, will tell.


“Traditionally and for a long time, the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition was associated with a wide spectrum of machinery and equipment for warehouse functioning. It is indeed so. Today, CeMAT RUSSIA is offering the largest choice of machinery and equipment in Russia, and more than 220 brand names are represented on the site.

Every year we analyze the interest that visitors show towards the offered products and solutions and monitor the changes in the portrayal of the audience. The statistics from the last exhibition had shown the rise in the attendance from the companies that employ more than 500 people. Those specialists are only interested in quality “tech” when it is combined with the other components of a logistical system. We take notice of increased inquiries for the automation services, international and Russia-wide freight transportation, customs clearance, insurance, goods processing services, software. Overall, there are more than 5700 people who attend the exhibition, and a third of them would be interested in logistical services. Still, the traditional interest toward the machinery and equipment as the technical “heart” remains. As one of the speakers of the exhibition’s business program, a representative from the SAP Company, put it, CeMAT RUSSIA shows the way the warehouse system’s logistics become a part of larger logistics with all of the elements interacting with each other.

Last year, “PEC” company had taken a part in the exhibition for the first time, and it will attend in 2020 as well. Even three to five years ago, such a marketing step from one of the largest logistical operators would not be expected. Today, it becomes a logical answer to demands and expectations of the specialists that come to CeMAT RUSSIA. The market is transformed - the demand is transformed - the audience is transformed."

CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition will be held on September 22-24, 2020, in Moscow, in the “Crocus Expo” IEC.

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