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17 September 2023

CeMAT RUSSIA 2023 – Your Guide to the World of New Logistics


From September 19 to 21, 2023, Moscow's Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center will host the 13th international exhibition of warehouse equipment and systems, lifting and transport equipment, warehouse automation solutions, and logistics services CeMAT RUSSIA 2023. This year the show is set to be the largest in its history in Russia. For the first time, the exhibition will span across three halls of the pavilion and an adjacent outdoor area. The main themes will revolve around new challenges and effective solutions.

With a total area of over 16,000 square meters, more than 200 exhibitors from both Russia and foreign countries will showcase their technologies at CeMAT RUSSIA 2023. In 2023, in addition to the growth of Russian companies' presence, there will be a significant increase in the number of foreign exhibitors, with 48 companies from China, Turkey, South Korea, and India. Thanks to the high-quality development of the exhibition, these companies will have the opportunity to enter a new market and strengthen their positions in Russia. Compared to the previous year, the international representation has grown by two and a half times. The fact that 98 companies are participating in CeMAT RUSSIA for the first time, alongside the increased exhibition area, underscores the incredible demand in Russia for the equipment and solutions that will be presented this year.

The exhibition will feature products from more than 300 brands and approximately 300 units of warehouse equipment. Among the participants of CeMAT RUSSIA are well-known companies such as COMITAS, Jungheinrich, JAC, FM Logistic, RackFork (the brand under which Linde MH and STILL subsidiaries will continue to operate), Hyundai, MIMA, Zowell, Longking, LiuGong, HELI, Xilin, and many others.

Thanks to the opportunities that have arisen in the last year and a half for entry into the Russian market, CeMAT RUSSIA continues to attract increased attention from Chinese companies like Kengic, Redlift, QSLIFT, WEMALIFT, CHOLIFT, BRIMA – some of the largest manufacturers who will showcase modern equipment and logistics solutions.

CeMAT RUSSIA has become a platform for the development and promotion of Russian solutions in logistics and supply chain management, including software, equipment, and technology. For the first time, the exhibition is taking place with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The ministry's booth will showcase products from Russian manufacturers of warehouse equipment, advanced projects, and innovations.

 Yandex Market's Robotics Center will be presenting their brand, Market Robotics, at the exhibition. Their showcase will include a platform for automating various types of order picking called Yandex Piece Picking, as well as logistic robots such as Motus, Spectro, and Dilectus.

 Additionally, among the Russian manufacturers offering new solutions at the exhibition are companies like Fotomekhanika, ID logic, OptiCore, RUBBER BARRIER, TRASSIR, DIPOS, ZAVOD PIRS, KOMPOZIT NPO, Micron, Ronavi Robotics, Sistemotekhnika, Fruktonad, and many others. It's clear that CeMAT RUSSIA provides a diverse range of innovations and technologies for the logistics and supply chain industry.

It's noteworthy that FM Logistic is participating in CeMAT RUSSIA for the first time and is actively engaging in the event's business program. They will be addressing key topics in logistics, including current challenges, strategic planning for the near and medium term, technological trends related to supplier replacement and import substitution, the warehouse rental and construction market, as well as automation of workforce-related issues in logistics.

Additionally, for the third time, companies representing transport packaging, packaging equipment, and automation of packaging processes will be part of the special TRANSPACK exhibition. The participation of manufacturers like GOTEK, Sealed Air, Bristol Group, Pallet Shop, GT Conveyors underscores the importance of this special exhibition within the framework of CeMAT RUSSIA. It's clear that the event provides a comprehensive platform for addressing various aspects of the logistics and packaging industry.

In parallel with the exhibition, there is traditionally an extensive business program, which includes 35 events of various formats. For the first time, the majority of these events are organized with the participation of the Expert Council of CeMAT RUSSIA, which consists of highly qualified professionals in the logistics industry.

 The program for the first day, September 19th, will kick off with a trend session titled "The New Role of Logistics in an Era of Constant Change: Trends, Strategies, and Creating Competitive Advantages," organized in collaboration with KCL. Among the notable events of the exhibition, there will be an Open Lecture (Public talk) designed for logistics professionals and a unique storytelling format in the session "Modern Approaches to Optimization in Logistics: Real-life Stories about People, Practices, and Technologies." This session is in partnership with JIT Logistics and Aisors Consulting. On the first day, visitors can also look forward to discussions on traditional CeMAT RUSSIA topics related to e-commerce, in partnership with Cainiao, and a conference on planning.

On the second day of the exhibition, September 20th, there will be events dedicated to the topics of automation, digitization, and robotics in logistics, as well as discussions about the 3PL services market and retail logistics.

These events are co-organized and partnered with companies like COMITAS, Skamatic, Stellazhi Medved, Quenberg, and the Coordination Council for Logistics. 

This year, the Solutions Gallery format will continue, where exhibitors will present their innovations during brief presentations. Visitors can expect 14 topics in the Solutions Gallery on September 19th and 20th, with the Logistics magazine as a partner. 

Additionally, on September 20th, there will be the All-Russian Final of the StaplerCup 2023 for forklift drivers, organized by RackFork. The Final will feature the top 60 forklift drivers from Russia, selected based on preliminary tournaments and the national ranking. 

On the third day, there will be a new addition with startup pitches focused on warehouse and logistics themes. The jury panel includes leaders from divisions of companies like OZON, SIBUR, Yandex, X5, and Magnit. Ten startups will compete for the favor of both the jury and the audience. 

Several companies, including Jungheinrich, AXELOT, SBER, LogistiX Group, TechnoSpark, InStock Technologies, and others, will also organize their own events as part of the business program. It promises to be a dynamic and informative conclusion to the exhibition.

The business program and exhibition have co-organizers and partners, including the Coordination Council for Logistics (KCL), the magazine Logistics, SCM Academy, and the company COMITAS.

The general partner of the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition is COMITAS, the first international-level systems integrator in the Russian market, which has been successfully operating in Russia for 16 years.

The 13th International Exhibition of Warehouse Equipment and Systems, Lifting and Transport Equipment, Warehouse Automation Tools, and Logistics Services, CeMAT RUSSIA, will take place from September 19th to 21st, 2023, at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Pavilion 1.

 The exhibition is organized by LLC "DM RUS."