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02 April 2020

CeMAT RUSSIA 2020. The Russian logistics market does not stand still

Despite the President of Russia announcing a non-working week, Russian business tries to keep up with the schedules. Logistics and warehouses cannot be quarantined, and with them, the CeMAT RUSSIA.


“The CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition team does not stop the work process. It is very important for us to keep in touch with our partners and participants, so that when the moment comes and personal meetings and mass gatherings are possible once again we will be at our full potential. We see now what great value the personal, not virtual, contacts have. From our end, we are working on bringing the possibility of replenishing the missing professional communication to the exhibition in September. ”

Natalya Kalmykova,

The members of the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition have told about the work during the temporary isolation and about the mood that the Russian market has during the pandemic

“No matter the complexity of the epidemiological situation, it will certainly end. Quarantine is no reason to stop business. Currently, all of the staff members of the Instock Technologies work remotely.

We offer round-the-clock technical support to our clients, answer the calls and mail. The InStock WMS (Warehouse Management System) is being perfected, new functions are added and regular updates are happening for all of our customers.

It is not currently possible to have personal meetings with the clients, but InStock Technologies holds such meetings and system demonstrations through Skype. Online webinars about the oncoming mandatory marking and automation are held regularly. The working process does not stop for a single day.

Aside from that, new products for the digitalization and lean manufacturing are in development. One of such new developments is the production logistics management system – InStock Production. InStock Production is already being implemented into the large manufacturing facilities of the country. We will definitely present this system during the oncoming CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition.”

Tatyana Kvashnyna,
InStock Technologies

“The ATEUCO company values the uniform understanding of the current situation and the measures taken to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are always ready to support our staff members, customers and partners in these trying times.

Thanks to the harmonious algorithms of the workings of our company, we have tried to make sure that the current situation does not affect the business processes of our customers and clients. We keep repairing equipment according to the established deadlines, and keep the agreed upon delivery times in place.

In current conditions, we are forced to cancel all personal meetings, both in the office and outside of it, but we are always happy for the communications to happen through technological means: telephone, e-mail, and videoconference.”

Nikolay Chapayev,

“Despite the complicated situation, the Ecosklad company keeps functioning. The members of our staff keep working both in the office and on sites of the current contracts. Our path is that of the technical service and support, and this means that the demand for them would exist inder any circumstances. Product retail and online shopping keep functioning, and this means that we cannot give up yet.”

Sergey Sidorenko,

The CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition will commence as planned, from September 22 to 24, 2020, in Moscow, Russia, IEC “Crocus Expo”, at the same time and site as the TRANSPACK exhibition.