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10 April 2020

CeMAT calling. A tie-less dialogue

The world is not going to be the same. We hear those words more often, today. Indeed, everything is changing right in front of us – from work forms to personal habits. We ourselves change. On one hand, by being further apart physically, on the other hand, by becoming even closer through the means of modern communication. We have appreciated the importance of sharing our problems and solutions, and how valuable dialogue and collaborative work are.

On April 8, logistics specialists from various areas of work have united against the pandemic in a form of an online Round Table organized by the Deutsche Messe RUS company (the organizer of the CeMAT and TRANSPACK exhibitions.)



Durng the 2 hour session, Ravshan Shiryaev, the manager of the “Petrovich” store chain of the North-West Federal District; Aleksei Sokolov, the director of the supply chain management, distribution and logistics of the “Askona” Konstantin Morozov, the director of the local logistics of AliExpress Russia; Alexander Gelbling, the director of the Sales department of the Eastern Europe of the Bito Lagertechnik company (Germany); Igor Yakimov, an independent expert; Alexander Perfilyev, the director of the Warehouse and Industrial Property department of the ILM, the manager of the Skladium project; Artyom Ayintsev, an independent expert; Roman Zakharov, the Yandex.Taxi project manager, have spoken.

“The experts have refused the habitual official presentation forms, and, as we say, the dialogue was tie-less, and that is very valuable,” – says Marina Badulina, the CeMAT RUSSIA and TRANSPACK exhibitions’ business program manager. “The challenges which are accepted on the spot by the logisticians today require non-standard approach, and lightning-fast, flexible solutions. That which is relevant and is functional here and now, tomorrow could become at the very least, useless. That is why an event in the form of an open dialogue with no recordings, with the ability to ask the speaker a question is, as we think, an optimal solution.”  

 Specialists from a wide variety of areas and industries have registered as listeners. Today, logistics and delivery are the main, hot topic of the enterprises such as the retail, the food manufacturers, the freight transport and the industrial area. More than 250 specialists viewed the broadcast simultaneously.

 “Unquestionably, the exhibitions are mainly an offline form of event,” – Marina Badulina continues. “It is a possibility to talk one-on-one, to present a design live, a possibility to compare and to choose a technology or an equipment unit. However, the market changes are so swift that the rejection of the ‘off the wheels’ solutions are, today, a risk for the entirety of the logistics market. We, as the organizers of Russia’s largest exhibition that targets the logistics specialists and the warehouse and delivery chain management, can neither afford nor have a right to wait. We are creating a site for the online professional dialogue, so that everybody could meet in person from September 22 to 24, 2020, in the Сrocus Expo, and go forward hand-in-hand with the logistics market.”

Deutsche Messe RUS thanks the experts for their participation, and the listeners for tens of questions that would be used when preparing new business meetings.

The broadcast of the “Logisticians against pandemic” Round Table was sponsored by the First Logistik company – a warehouse system integrator.

A series of the news publications “CeMAT calling” has been created on the exhibition’s official website; information from the exhibitors and partners of the CeMAT RUSSIA concerning all the relevant changes in the intralogistics area will be posted.

The “TRANSPACK live” series is now open on the website of the TRANSPACK exhibition.