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29 April 2021

“A Strong Link” – so let it be

Top specialists of the supply chain management have responded to the invitation of organizers – SCM Academy and the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition – to meet in an informal setting to determine a strong link in their ranks in a business game format.

“’’A Strong Link’ is a club-format game’, says Marina Badulina, the manager of the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition’s business program, - ‘Teams are assembled of high-degree professionals with an extensive SCM experience. Taking part in the show, is, for them, an opportunity to meet with each other with a flute of champagne and to feel themselves to be a part of the professional community that ‘sets the tone’ in Russian logistics.’”

Strong link

4 teams of professionals, 2 real case tasks, 20 minutes to find a solution and 7 minutes to present it.

Delivery of crabs to European customers? Implementation of new planning methods? For “A Strong Link” players, there are no unsolvable tasks and no-win situations.

Game was led by Artem Rogov and Marina Badulina. In the first round, the SC Guru company led by Aleksei Kazennov had won. He had also become the Best Player! Another winner was to be determined by the audience, but their opinions were divided after each team’s incredible presentations, and so, in the final game, teams of LOGOVOZ (with Dmitry Ivanov as the captain) and RedEnergy (with Natalya Dolgaya as the captain) will be seen alongside the winner team.

The finals of the “A Strong Link” logistical business show will be held at the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition in September 2021.