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19 March 2024

2 424 visitors were looking for components, spare parts and accessories for machinery

In 2024 the number of producers of spare parts among the exhibitors of CeMAT RUSSIA will double – this is a natural course of events in the rapidly growing warehouse logistics market of the Russian Federation.

Warehousing machinery is a complex mechanism with many systems, which, even with the most careful operation, require mandatory maintenance or even regular repairs.


Service maintenance involves replacing filters and technical fluids, replacing a worn-out battery, lighting bulbs, or changing worn tires. Things are more complicated with repairs, when individual parts or entire units require replacement.

At CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition you can always find manufacturers or suppliers who offer consumables for the maintenance of loaders, components, rollers and belts for conveyors.

Ordering spare parts, parts or replacing individual systems can be directly discussed at the exhibition with representatives of the manufacturer brand or you can find an alternative from another supplier, which is usually cheaper.

Offers of non-original spare parts are especially relevant given the departure of some European manufacturers from Russia. The long delivery time and high price of original spare parts make the operation of machinery and equipment irrationally expensive, especially since serious Asian manufacturers have long been successfully competing with “Europeans” in terms of price/quality ratio.