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Exhibition topics

Logistics IT

During the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition, the participants display all of the main solutions and means:

  • Warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Supply chain management systems (SCM)
  • Marking solutions
  • Accessibility and control management systems
  • Identification technologies (RFID, bar codes)
  • Specialized software solutions
  • Goods sorting technologies (pick-by-voice, pick-by-light)

WMS – Warehouse management systems

Any manufacturing or service company has its structures resemble a living organism, which needs the workings of its organs to be uniform and problem-free and for the extra resources to be delivered in order for it to exist successfully. In a living being, brain constitutes as a manager, and in a logistical complex, the WMS (Warehouse Management System) is “watching” over all of the working processes. It allows for the optimization of the warehouse accounting, for the work with the material flows, and for the stocks to be managed in a prompt and rational manner, which in turn significantly increases the quality of the work of the company as a whole.

Visit the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition in order to familiarize yourself with the warehouse management systems from leading Russian and international developers that offer informational products whose adaptation to the modern realities of the Russian market are maximized. It goes without saying that the warehouse automation system will need to be adjusted to fit the customer’s unique goals. Often that would mean additional investments that could be measured by hundreds of thousands. This poses a tall order of determining the base of which manufacturer to be realized for “their” warehouse and which software should the manager of a warehouse complex or the logistics director prefer.

Enough manufacturers offer warehouse management systems for enterprises and companies of various scales on the Russian markets, ranging from the most complicated logistical complexes to relatively small production warehouses. Unquestionably, when the intricate economic situation in the country is taken into consideration, the “out of the box” solutions that are the easiest to adapt and cheaper to set up and maintain are shown to be more popular.

Large projects of the likes of the warehouse manufacturing systems can be in development for months at a time, but at the end of it, the customer will receive a unique product that will allow for the operation of even the most sophisticated large-scale logistical complex, or even a network of them.

The director of the Progress LLC (UPWMS)  considers that personal interaction during the exhibition allows for the development of new projects and make way for new opportunities.

The cost of the automation project implementation includes, aside from the costs of the software product, additional equipment and warehouse automation utilities (terminals, scanners, access points, workspaces) and the costs of introducing the warehouse management system. That is another reason to choose the contractor as thoughtfully as possible, as the partnership only starts during the development stage.

Famous developers and system integrators such as Solvo, SEVCO, ANT Technologies, LogistiX, Intechsystems Group, InStock Technologies, EME and many others are amongst the participants of the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition.

Warehouse automation systems are one of the main themes of CeMAT RUSSIA’s business program

Logistics automation is one of the most “lively” themes to be discussed within the business program. Visitors have the possibility to receive the first-hand information about new software developments and realized projects in Russia and abroad during conferences and seminars.
Attending the exhibition and the Forum will allow for the comprehensive familiarization with the abilities of modern warehouse management systems, risk assessment and the usage perspectives, and to gain experience from leading specialists.