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Exhibition topics

Store & Load

No matter the area of the warehouse, its type and purpose, it is necessary to staff the equipment thoughtfully on the available area in order to organize it effectively.

Automated warehouse systems

Automated warehouse systems make up a separate category, and their usage allows for the most effective use of even the minimal area with marked optimization of business processes.

Conveyors, sorting systems, automated vertical storage systems, transfer ramps and many other things are presented during the exhibition.

Warehouse robots

World’s retail and logistical services sector giants are announcing the implementation of collaborative robots, shuttle-robots, and drones for goods delivery, order picking and product accounting in the innovative warehouses and sorting centers one by one.

Robots are one of the most perspective directions of developing automation in logistics. The market is demonstrating a steady growth of interest for both the foreign and Russian developments in the area of robotization of the logistical processes.

CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition presents innovative developments from the companies such as UVL Robotic, RoboCV, YNG Robotics, Ronavi Robotics, Geek+, asta bot and others. It plays an important role that the supplier companies and manufacturers prefer the robots to be presented in action, which allows their abilities to be fully appreciated.

“You would be able to see how the robots drive, how they interact with each other and how they transport the goods at our stand,” – says Oleg Rosanov, the commercial director of the Ronavi Robotics company.

Rack systems

Technical progress has touched not only the technically complex devices such as the loaders or the lifting equipment. Simple shelves had transformed into technological goods storage systems over time, and they allow for easy access to the products, simplifying the accounting, equipping and shipping.

Participants of the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition offer various storage systems:

  • Shelving
  • Frontal
  • Drive-in pallet racks
  • Gravitational
  • Mobile
  • Cantilever
  • Specialized for a specific product type (such as car tires or rolls of products), crates and pallets
Manufacturers demonstrate not only their developments at the exhibition stands, but also give consultations regarding the calculation of a necessary amount and the distinctiveness of construction elements with their type, product amount, the loading technology used and other parameters taken into account. More so than that, visiting the exhibition allows to establish personal contacts and to understand whether the manufacturer of the warehouse storage equipment is ready to propose the most favorable commercial offer with the best value and price.