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Logistics of Industrial Enterprises: Best Experience of Warehouse Upgrades and Stock Optimization

25 September 2019
зал 2, КОНФ.ЗАЛ "Малая арена"


Coordination Council on Logistics

The warehouses of many industrial companies were built in the period of 1950-s—1970-s and did not change very much since then. At that, the production requirements are seriously changing: the speed of reaction and provision of necessary supplies is being transformed from days into hours and minutes; the service quality – to European Standard 0 PPM; the current requirements include an accurate stocks control, an ability of operative redistribution of stocks between sections, etc. The current decentralized and segmented warehousing structure does not help solving these tasks. Inability to transfer logistical support from one warehouse to another in the handling operations peak time, ineffective planning solutions and warehouses quality show that the company doesn’t achieve the desired result even by making pinpoint investments that are often compared with CAPEX for building a new warehouse. 

Only a tested complex of organizational and technological solutions successfully implemented in the last 5 – 7 years in a number of companies (KAMAZ, Severstal, Phosagro, Mosenergo, etc.) provides for achieving the goal in short time and without major mistakes. This practice will be presented at the professional session “Logistics of Industrial Enterprises: Best Practices of Warehouse Upgrades and Stock Optimization.”

Session Partner: Logistics Coordinating Council

Session Moderator: Vasiliy Demin, CES, Deputy Director of Logistics Coordinating Council, Director of Research and Training Center of Innovative Technologies in Logistics, Moscow Automobile and Road State Technical University (MADI)

Discussion Points:

 Target Audience of the Session: leaders and professionals of supplies and logistics services from industrial companies in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, oil&gas, mining, chemical and other industries.

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