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Procurement in the new reality: current risks, opportunities, practices of market participants

20 September 2022
Since 2020, supply chains have experienced an almost daily onslaught of external threats of incredible strength: a pandemic, the transition to remote work, border closures, massive layoffs, and at the same time a shortage of labor, a tense situation in commodity markets, rising prices and logistical delays.

All this combined has exerted and continues to exert enormous pressure on businesses and consumers. The events of recent months, after a very short respite, when sanctions came into play and the consequent withdrawal of reliable and trusted European partners from the market, have practically nullified all previous developments. Specialists began to look for analogues of scarce types of raw materials and equipment, alternative ways of payments and supplies to Russia. Export-import operations were urgently redirected from "unfriendly" countries to the SCO and BRICS countries, which caused even more complexity and lengthening of procurement cycles. All this forced buyers to be extremely flexible and resourceful. Supply chains are adapting, buyers are getting used to living in an environment of constant uncertainty and anticipation of meeting new challenges and their solutions.

What are the right tools and approaches that can be applied in these conditions? How to be sure that you and your company are as prepared as possible for any non-standard situations that arise in the current conditions of economic and political turbulence? What colleagues rely on when building their work tactics

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