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Logistics automation: technologies and solutions for supply chain efficiency

21 September 2022



Digital Control Technologies
The spring of 2022 has become a colossal test for Russian companies that have launched projects to automate logistics and warehouse processes. Most of the technological solutions being introduced in Russia were purchased from European manufacturers, and after the mass exodus of foreign businesses and economic sanctions, customers found themselves in a difficult situation. By the summer, the shock had passed and now the key market request is reengineering, the transition to alternative, including Russian software.

Automation of warehouse processes is equal to efficiency, processing speed, optimization, but how to reorient the market, which is more than 80% geared towards equipment from European countries? The turn towards other suppliers, the search for suitable solutions that exist in our country will take months, so decisive action must be taken in the search for new partners right now.

The second important aspect is the crisis in the economy. Any crisis is not only a time of complex optimization, but also a time of opportunity. The continuation of the automation process, despite the obvious difficulties, will allow companies not only to update existing developments, but also to carry out full digitalization, build work in a new way and find new niches, build new processes, thanks to modern technological capabilities. Modern technologies will push to leadership those companies that have time to adapt to the current market requirements and will be able to provide flexible solutions and services for customers.

We will talk about modern technologies and relevant approaches to automating logistics processes, about new products that continue to support the digital transformation of logistics, about solutions that can become a good alternative to European technologies, we will talk at the conference on logistics automation.

Discussion topics:

Modern Automation Dictionary: What is IT talking about and how to apply it?

Master Data Standards

Integration of control processes for robots from different manufacturers for all key stages of intra-warehouse merchandising

Overview of LoRa wireless technology, the main characteristics of the LoRa protocol
LoRaWAN Wireless Network Configurations

Digital twin as an effective tool for creating a technological solution in logistics