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Expert session

Retail logistics: effective solutions and operational change management

22 September 2022


Coordination Council on Logistics
The retail sector in Russia today is experiencing serious pressure from external factors - the destruction of supply chains in freight transportation, the exit of some logistics companies from the market, the refusal of European manufacturers to cooperate with Russian companies, etc. Retailers began to devote more time not to sales per se, but to solving the problems of getting goods to the shelves. All supply chains have become longer, more complex and more expensive, as a result - the prices of goods are rising, while purchasing power is declining.

Now is the time to find out how ready our market is to overcome difficulties, what knowledge and technologies it has, what is the level of training of trade sector workers in our country, whether the foundation has been created for successful retail business without borrowing foreign technologies.

Competent work with trends in logistics helps to minimize operational risks and optimize logistics processes. Who coped best in the conditions of international turbulence, what solutions were the most effective, how did companies rebuild under the incredible pressure of sanctions? We will talk about the best experience in countering risks in supply chains, about technologies that have shown their viability, about important trends that are emerging in the retail logistics market, we will talk at this expert session.

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