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New rules for working with equipment in the warehouse. Why your warehouse is not efficient

21 September 2022


In the warehouse, they come up with rules so that there is order and safety. Everyone in the warehouse follows the rules - from the loader to the warehouse manager and logistics director. The lack of rules creates chaos and makes work in the warehouse inefficient. We visited a large number of warehouses, analyzed various situations, mistakes and problems that are allowed in the warehouse when working and accounting using equipment (TSD). Unfortunately, most warehouses do not have rules for the operation and accounting of equipment (TSD).

The Inlocker company has developed and introduced new universal rules for working with wearable equipment (TSD) in the warehouse.
By following the rules from Inlocker, your warehouse will become more efficient and increase the productivity of your employees. You will be able to quickly and as detailed as possible analyze information on both employees and equipment (TSD), establish control and work with service centers and equipment repairs, and reduce equipment maintenance costs (TSD).

As part of the Gallery of solutions, we will cover: