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Robotization of intralogistics operations using SberShuttle product shuttle storage system

21 September 2022



The Robotics Center was established in Sberbank in 2017, its task is to research new technologies, pilot and launch breakthrough technical solutions.

SberShuttle is a new word in warehouse robotization.

The latest development in warehouse logistics automation in the e-commerce industry is the SberShuttle robotic system.

The system is a rack storage. Between the racks, shuttle robots move along the rails, transporting containers with goods from storage areas to the picking station. The picking station houses a SberPicker robotic arm equipped with a computer vision-based automatic goods pickup system that sorts and shifts goods for packing and sorting. The entire process is controlled by the operator based on the RoboticManagement System.

The SberShuttle solution fully automates the operation of the warehouse, eliminating errors caused by the human factor and reducing operating costs. Compared to manual selection, it provides a fivefold increase in efficiency.

Advantages of the Sber shuttle system:

The SberShuttle system is suitable for both large fulfillment centers and small urban dark stores and specialized warehouses. In addition to e-com, it can be used in all areas where piece selection is required (assembly and repair operations, operational warehouses, and so on).

This product provides the specified productivity of warehouse operations in various technical conditions of the customer. The shuttle robot is capable of carrying loads weighing up to 20 kg.

Full product description:

The robotic shuttle storage system is designed for storage and selection of goods in warehouses and distribution centers of e-commerce and other facilities. The system makes it possible to increase the efficiency of pickers up to 5 times compared to manual picking and reduce the operating cost of order picking.

The product is a completely domestic development created at the Sber Robotics Center. The software and the shuttle itself were created by Russian robotics engineers and assembled from highly localized components.