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Features and experience of successful replacement of the warehouse WMS system. Possibilities of Russian software

20 September 2022


The events and crises of recent years have taught businesses to quickly restructure their work, adapting both to local changes within the country and to global world changes. Companies strive to be flexible and are constantly looking for new solutions to improve their efficiency, optimize costs, and, more recently, in search of the best of those proposals left on the market.
This is a big stress for company owners and heads of specialized departments. In particular, replacing one software with another is a big and responsible job that takes a lot of time.

Being developers of software for automating storage logistics, in particular, warehouses of various types, SOLVO specialists, together with representatives of CROC, a large system integrator, will talk about technological solutions for warehouse automation existing on the Russian market and share their experience in IT consulting for warehouses. processes and creating a comprehensive offer for customers, based on the accumulated knowledge about the effective organization of warehouse logistics processes. And also, using the example of the implementation of projects for the transition from one warehouse management system to another, they will talk about the nuances and give recommendations for what you should be prepared for. Migration from another vendor's WMS to Solvo.WMS will be discussed using one of the recent projects as an example.

In addition, our company's experts will review the main issues faced by companies in terms of system integration and equipment purchases, and offer our vision for solving these issues.

The task of SOLVO as a Russian software developer is to show companies what opportunities they have on the Russian market today and how to approach the choice and change of IT solutions if necessary.