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How to choose a system for measuring the dimensions and weight of goods for a warehouse. Presentation of new affordable Russian-made solutions from Infoscan

20 September 2022


The situation with the description of the goods in the warehouse is a factor limiting the effectiveness of the organization.
In a modern warehouse, it is necessary to eliminate the human factor and speed up processes, so the need for equipment for fast and accurate measurement of dimensions and weight is very important.

Infotech company has been producing equipment under the Infoscan brand in Russia since 2015, has extensive experience in building business processes related to measuring dimensions and weight.

In 2022, the company decided to expand the range of devices for measuring dimensions and weight and now covers any measurement needs within the warehouse turnover.

Measurements of dimensions from 1 mm to 3 meters, weight from 1 gram to 3 tons, static or dynamic measurements, all this will be presented at the Infotech booth and described as part of the Solutions Gallery.

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