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Automation and robotization of logistics processes in warehouses of various types

20 September 2022


In search of new ways to increase economic efficiency, reduce the costs of production, storage and movement of goods, market participants are increasingly considering various automated and robotic technologies to solve their problems.

A common feature of such warehouses is a multiple increase in productivity, process optimization, processing accuracy. Being at the forefront of development and innovation, COMITAS continuously expands and develops its portfolio of automated and robotic solutions for warehouse and production logistics.

The company's specialists, accumulating expertise and work experience, are well aware of exactly where the advantages of a particular technology will be better manifested - at what volumes of business, sizes of areas and under what characteristics of manufactured or stored products

Maxim Ivanov, Head of the Process Design Department at COMITAS, will tell specialists who are looking for solutions for efficient logistics how to choose the one that suits your business from the variety of technologies and products. In what case is automation more profitable than mechanization, and when a breakthrough is possible only if robotic systems are introduced.

On the example of implemented COMITAS cases, Maxim will tell you which technology will be optimal for production logistics, when operations are often characterized by standardization, production lines constantly run a large volume of products, but within a small list of articles.

What to choose for ECOM representatives, where the situation is the opposite - different, mixed goods, small-piece orders, you need to continuously process large cargo flows in a situation of constantly changing market requirements. What technology should be used when it is necessary to provide sorting for 500-1000 directions, 200-300 thousand orders per day? Will automation pay for itself in such warehouses, or is it more correct and profitable to immediately invest in robots? All these topical issues can be discussed during the COMITAS session in the CeMAT RUSSIA Solutions Gallery.