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E-commerce logistics: trends, operations, experience

20 September 2022



PIM Solutions
The explosive development of e-commerce in the past year has forced many companies to either launch their own e-commerce channel or dramatically increase the capacity of an existing channel. But new challenges have posed new challenges for logistics.

On the one hand, the presence of an online channel has become familiar and expected for the client, but on the other hand, the number of orders and the size of the check are falling, the range of goods is undergoing major changes, and prices are not stable.

How to build a development strategy for e-com logistics in 22, or curtail investments in this channel? How to maintain the level of service with an increase in the cost of delivery? How to optimize the cost of maintaining this channel? We will discuss these and other topical issues with the heads of logistics departments.

Managers and logistics directors of companies will discuss key issues of e-com channel development, services for the client, their cost and reasonable need, availability of goods for the client, and other competitive advantages that can be provided by a verified logistics model. We will also talk about the risks and growth points that need to be considered today in order to ensure the continuity of e-commerce sales.

Discussion topics:

Introductory report: “How changes in the economy and politics have affected the logistics of the e-com channel. What threats and trends should be taken into account in order to plan logistics for the near future.