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Plenary session

Transformation of logistics: trends and strategies of leaders

20 September 2022



Coordination Council on logistics
Logistics responds very quickly to all changes in the world order. Supply chains have been under tremendous stress and transformation over the past few years, stability and stereotypes are a thing of the past. The need for a rapid reorientation of supply chains and partnerships has become clear. The departure of some market participants, the emergence of new technologies, changes in the requirements of the end customer and its capabilities - all this cannot but affect the entire logistics system in the world. But our life does not stand still, and nature does not tolerate emptiness.

We will talk about what trends have emerged and will develop in the near future, what challenges the logistics directors of large companies in retail, industrial production, warehouse development and the e-com sector face, how market leaders react to constant changes in business, we will talk within sessions.

Speakers are authoritative Russian managers, logistics managers in leading retail and manufacturing companies. Experienced logisticians who have already experienced many challenges and changes in business, but continue to successfully support the logistics of their companies in leading positions. What is their secret of success, and what do they rely on when making strategic decisions - the key topic of the session.

Discussion topics: