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Warehousing Issue. Decisive Steps and Growth Points

26 September 2019
зал 1, конф.зал "Большая арена"


Logistics is always aimed at optimizing processes, both transport and information, and warehouse. Therefore, companies are constantly looking for new solutions, and warehouse facilities are changing not only in terms of organization of work, but also in terms of key characteristics.

The more seriously companies approach problem solving, the more often they need facilities that differ from generally accepted standards. Sometimes it comes to adjusting several characteristics, for example, higher ceilings and a large floor load in warehouses for e-commerce or a larger number of gates and an elongated cross-docking configuration. Sometimes objects that are completely unique to Russia appear, such as high-rise and fully automated warehouses.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, but each example can become the basis for your own project or come up with a new idea for the market. Unique finds will be presented in the framework of the parade of cases with real examples.

Target audience of the event: heads of logistics and warehouse areas in distribution, retail and manufacturing companies, top managers of logistics companies.

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