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CeMAT RUSSIA Automation Academy

25 September 2019
зал 1, конф.зал "Большая арена"


Coordination Council on Logistics

Automated warehouse complexes are today an indicator not only of the efficiency of warehouse processes, but also of a high level of production requirements and needs. First of all, this concerns the high productivity of such solutions, the absence or minimal influence of the human factor on warehouse processes, and the possibility of synchronizing the operation of the warehouse and the production process.

As a rule, automated systems consist of a large number of actuators, sensors, controllers, which are combined by a single information stream, in the center of which is the Warehouse Management System. But in order for the warehouse not to turn into a set of separate elements and devices that are not connected with each other and do not constitute a well-coordinated system, it is necessary to take into account and prevent the main mistakes that companies often make.

Of particular interest are the trends and trends that are currently emerging in the field of automated systems - from automation of warehouse processes at the level of operating personnel to robotization of procurement activities and automation of management and control processes.

The best experts will discuss this in our session in questions of automated warehouse complexes and the integration of information solutions in the field of automation and robotization of warehouse processes.

Partner: Coordinating Council on Logistics

Target audience of the event: heads of logistics divisions of large and medium-sized industrial and manufacturing companies, machine-building enterprises, metallurgy, chemical industries.

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