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Transportation Packaging

25 September 2019
зал 2, КОНФ.ЗАЛ "Малая арена"



The functionality of modern transport packaging is constantly expanding under the influence of changing user needs at every stage of the supply chain. Now it should not only preserve the packaged product, but also help optimize logistics costs, and also make a first impression on the buyer. At this session, visitors will learn how to get the best result without spending unnecessary resources. Can packaging be a means of saving time and money? What regulatory requirements should transport packaging meet? How can transport packaging help content quickly and attractively reach a store shelf? And how to set the task for the developer of the packaging solution in order to achieve the desired result? This and much more, with regard to the secrets of proper packaging, will be discussed by experts at this session.

Target audience of the event: managers and specialists of production, logistics and marketing departments of companies - manufacturers of food products, household appliances, household chemicals, etc. Specialists in charge of logistics and merchandising in modern formats of network trading. Representatives of companies of logistics operators and fulfillment providers. Specialists of companies manufacturing and developing packaging.

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