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Strategic session

Development of intralogistics in Russia and Globally: Challenges, Trends and Best Practices

24 September 2019
зал 2, конференц-зал F


Coordination Council on Logistics

The digital revolution is changing not only consumption habits, but also business models of entire industries. Artificial intelligence, BigData, drones and robots, cloud technologies – are facts in the development of warehouse logistics in next several years. Increasingly complex automation processes are one of the main trends in logistics. Market analysts claim that the advantage of companies that have switched to digital business models and have begun to actively implement modern technologies in their business processes is close to 80% of the profits.

Did an employee of your company manage to adapt in this world of digits? How can we manage new knowledge? How will the digital revolution affect the area of ​​intralogistics? How to attract and keep the client? What new technologies will be spread and will have a decisive impact on the efficiency of the logistics systems in  companies. What state restrictions will affect the supply chain and internal logistics of companies. To which changes the companies should be prepared? The answers to these and other questions will be given by key industry experts at the core event of the exhibition - Strategic session “Development of intralogistics in Russia and Globally: challenges, trends and the best practices”.

Partner: Coordination Council on Logistics

Moderator: Vasily Demin, Dr.-Ing, Deputy Director of Coordination Council on Logistics, Director of Science and Educational Center of innovative Technologies in Logistics, the Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University

Discussion topics:

 Target audience: Heads of logistics departments of trade and manufacturing companies, logistics operators.

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