The 9th International Exhibition for materials handling, warehousing equipment and logistics
19-21 September 2018 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo, pavilion 3

CeMAT Russia 2016. Post release

CeMAT Russia 2016 represented the most complete exhibition of equipment and automation facilities for warehousing logistics in Russia

The 7th International Exhibition for materials handling, warehousing equipment and logistics CeMAT Russia 2016 successfully took place in Moscow on September 20-22, 2016.

107 companies from 6 countries exhibited in СeMAT Russia 2016: Russia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, China and Sri Lanka. The companies demonstrated fork lifts, warehousing systems, conveyor equipment etc.  For three days 4 759 specialists representing wholesale and retail companies, production and logistic companies from 28 countries of the world and 65 regions of Russia attended the exhibition.  The number of buyers had grown up significantly - this year this number exceeded 3 200 specialists. The total area of the exhibition made more than 6 400 sq.m.

The leading national and international manufacturers demonstrated a lot of new solutions at their booths.  Thus, company Jungheinrich for the first time at the Russian market presented innovative high rack stacker EKX with the lifting height of up to 17.5 meters. The visitors of the booth could not only see the new EKX, but also visit its cabin during its operation with the help of VR glasses.

Company EnerSys presented its new product: automotive battery IRONCLAD, which is successfully used at the American market, and now in Russia.  Company Wagner introduced its warehouse fire safety solutions, and at the booth of company Technovisor the visitors could see a system of supervision of the work of drivers and lifters.

The premiere of CeMAT was a live demonstration area - a model of a present day warehouse with the use of innovative solutions, which provide an increase in operations efficiency, improvement of quality and reduction of self-cost.  Innovative technologies of companies STILL, Manitou, First Logistik, Fabs Logistic, iPlast were presented at the demonstration area; companies PSI, R-ID, Logistix presented their WMS.  Various features of the equipment were demonstrated along with warehousing solutions, application of which allows observation of the material handling equipment operation in limited space, as well as in spacial environments.  Company STILL, one of the leading manufacturers of material handling equipment in the world, together with company RoboCV, a Russian designer of autopilots for warehousing equipment, presented multifunctional robotic system RoboCV X-MOTION NG built on the basis of STILL EXV stacker.  During the presentation such features were demonstrated as movement along the route without a driver, automatic detection of a pallet’s position and its picking, intelligent interaction with STILL RX 50-10 C loader in limited spece environment between the stacks and automatic unloading of pallets.  

One of the main events of the logistics community - Forum “Efficient management of the company’s intralogistics” took place within the limits of CeMAT Russian exhibition.  The program of the event consisted of sessions, within the limits of which the peculiarities and specific features of organization and management of a warehouse complex in a definite industry were discussed.  More than 480 specialists visited the exhibition to get the relevant and reliable information, necessary to find solutions for professional objectives.

The 8th International Exhibition for materials handling, warehousing equipment and logistics CeMAT Russia will take place on September, 19-21 in pavilion No. 3 of IEC Crocus Expo, Moscow.