The 9th International Exhibition for materials handling, warehousing equipment and logistics
19-21 September 2018 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo, pavilion 3

Programme 21.09

Session: Offline and Online Retail Logistics in the Era of Omnichannel Sales

Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Conference Hall 1
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The Russian retail sector is a dynamic business on the whole, with the online selling being the most rapidly developing segment and the main driver of economic growth in particular. The logistics operators of traditional outlets and e-commerce retailers are faced by ambitious tasks. They have to constantly improve each stage of the logistic chain and upgrade all the processes by adjusting and adapting to the current external challenges and demands.

“New digital logistics: BigData and delivery time management “

Sergey Klimash
Director of Information Technologies DPD in Russia and SPSR Express

«E-fulfilment as a business differentiator»

Ruben Jakobs
Director E-commerce
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E-commerce is changing the way we do business and consumer expectations. They demand speed, accuracy and flexibility throughout the entire ordering and delivery process – and want you to follow the heartbeat of their lives. As a result, today’s e-commerce and omni-channel warehouses face numerous challenges. Ruben Jakobs will explain how you can seize this opportunity and use E-fulfilment as a business differentiator.

“Future of warehouse’s requests of e-commerce and omni companies”

Dmitriy Korobitsin
Supplier of Happiness
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· Modern customer would like to buy cheaper and faster. In his opinion it means to buy directly from producer
· Producer try to sell directly. производитель пытается продавать напрямую. It leads to number of challenges
· How change logistics (and supply chain as well) in next 5 years?
· What will be logistics requests of e-commerce and omni companies in the near future?
· What trends can't the logistic companies pass today not to be driven out of the market tomorrow?
What competences an e-commerce and omni companies must develop today to be on a horse tomorrow?

«E-commerce changing logistics. Examples of successful implementation of Automation projects for E-commerce sector»

Andrey Belinskiy
General Manager, SSI SCHAEFER
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· Design and implementation of the automated distribution center – efficient solution of hanging and storing of clothes
· Development of the concept, design and construction of a modern distribution warehouse
Automation processes in the warehouse - activities that helps to maintain a constant growth 

“Effective Use of the Internet Logistics Infrastructure”

Mikhail Baranov
Head of Internet logistics

“An Experience of Improving Efficiency of E-commerce Warehouse”

Valeriy Bulekha
Head of Warehouse Logistics
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- effective solutions: typology and technology of E-commerce warehousing
- specific features of Mamsy LLC warehouse: order processing in the warehouse, picking, batching, control and packing
- unconventional solutions

«Ensuring a sustainable and reliable logistics system for a manufacturing business»

Igor Tozhokin
Logistics Director
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· For multi-branch companies, developing logistics processes and boosting logistics efficiency can become a priority that needs to be tackled in order to ensure successful functioning of the entire business
· Significant shortfalls in any company’s logistics chain will lead to huge material, labor and financial losses, having a negative impact on overall efficiency
·  Logistics reveals opportunities to improve performance across the company
Choose the right logistics chain development format to ensure more efficient processes, lower costs and a more competitive business as a result

“Warehousing Processes in Furniture Online Store”

Kirill Sokolin
online shop «Kupistol»
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- daily routine of a furniture online store
- main warehousing processes
- proprietary WMS, pros and cons

Q&A session

Session: Automation and Robotics in Warehouse Logistics: Choice and Implementation Practice

Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Conference Hall 2
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Companies willing to succeed have ceased contemplating the question of whether to introduce automation in their warehousing operations. The session gives the opportunity for the industry experts to speak on automating storage, processing and movement of goods in their warehouses and offer practical recommendations for choosing and reasonably tooling their warehouses. The recommendations help to save the space and use it most profitably, speed up processes and improve productivity.


Aleksandr Zverev
Project manager
Logistics Coordination Council

“Choosing WMS: solution from a vendor or your own development staff?”

Nikita Sanchenko
Head of Logistics department
PSI Logistics
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-  What kind of WMS-systems do we have?
-  Advantages and disadvantages, risks of each concept of implementation
-  What strategy is more profitable and more convenient in the long term?

“Direct interaction warehouse trucks and WMS. The next step in the process automation.”

Anton Markin
Project Manager, Department of Logistics Systems
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- How it works? The principle of interoperability.
- Why is it necessary for the warehouse? Benefits of using.
- Practice of project implementation.

“Choosing efficient methods for the orders picking at the automated warehouses”

Dmitry Ellin
Head of Pre-Sales Department
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·  Manual picking: “the person-to-goods principle”
·  Manual picking: “goods-to-person principle”
·  Automated picking
·  Robotic picking

“Warehousing Cost Optimization by Updating the Existing Equipment”

Roman Fatullayev
General Director
Noveishie Tekhnologii LS LLC
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 - issues arising in operating the existing warehouse and ways of their solution
 - warehouse audit as a platform for developing future logistics business processes 
 -  multi-stage optimization of warehouse space in the framework of development planning horizon as       exemplified by the project implemented in the Moscow Region
 - automation opportunities. How to triple the volume of the existing warehouse 
Alexander Dmitrishin
Head of warehouse and transport logistics

“Experience in building a self-supporting warehouse based on racking systems for the ARTEL group of companies”

Vladislav Poltorak
Head of Automation department
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· New technologies in erection of light prefabricated storage buildings
· Features of the project with considering of the adjoining structures and buildings, as well as the factor of the seismically active zone of the object location
· Reinforced nodes and elements usage to fulfill a project by requirements of fire and technical safety rules for the buildings
· Different storage technologies that allow adopting warehouse for a wide range of goods types
Short terms of realization of the object “on a turn-key basis
Vyacheslav Kudovoy
Specialist in Logistics Design

“Automation of Logistics for Agro Industry, Distribution and Cold Supply Chain”

Sergey Golubkov
Project Manager
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  Through examples of projects in the meat industry and FMCG Savoye optimizes the logistics of its customers in the cold chain
  Using “goods to person” systems or refrigerated pallet warehouses enables agro-food manufacturers to meet their specific logistical challenges

Q&A session