The 9th International Exhibition for materials handling, warehousing equipment and logistics
19-21 September 2018 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo, pavilion 3

Programme 20.09

Case Study Session: successful implementation and use of IT and digital technologies in warehousing

Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Conference Hall 1
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Just think of the effect information technologies have upon business processes in the last twenty five years! What are the unprecedented changes introduced by the digital transformation in the work of the corporate management and employees? The session will present some IT projects which help companies to optimize their costs, to streamline and make more transparent their business processes, to improve the performance of their staff.
The best case studies of integrating WMS and other automation systems in the domestic and foreign facilities will be presented.


Pavel Ivanov
Deputy Purchasing Director

“Automation of the warehouse and automation of logistics: integration issues in the era of unmanned vehicles”

Artur Muradyan
Executive Director
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· Modern software for cargo transportation already knows how to automate the work of logisticians, dispatch orders, digitize of documents, analyze data sets. It is necessary to complete the cycle of this automation. How exactly? Variants of development
· The software for a modern carrier should become an on-board magazine for drivers, help with the collection of analytics and big data, accelerate the automation of business processes not yet covered. Scenarios for the application of SRM and WMS systems of the future
· Automation of the warehouse in the era of unmanned transport: risk management
Tachographs and GPS-beacons - why they lose to cloud software and mobile applications for managing warehouse logistics

“Actual technologies for increasing the efficiency of warehouse processes, opportunities of integration with WMS”

Alexey Smirnov
Deputy CEO for WMS sales
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· Optimization of loading in vehicles taking into account the permissible axle load
· Determination of mass-dimensional characteristics of cargo,
· Assistance in making managerial decisions
· Automated management of docks and movement of vehicles inside the warehouse yard

“Warehouse modeling methods and tools in the process of analysis and optimization of the design of warehouse projects”

Gennadiy Nikolaev
Head of IT Development Department
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Computer simulation technique opens up completely new possibilities for iterative design of a warehouse. At the first place, simple and not expensive preliminary models can be created, but they help to estimate and understand whether there is the need for the further development of the project.
The experts will share with you some more information:
· A new tool for displaying information on based on the main parameters (dashboard, control panel)
· Demonstrate an example of the AntSim simulator, with the help of which the operator gets a visual representation of the situation in the warehouse
Information about the approach for the solving of specific design tasks on the stage of the design of the warehouse system - an assessment of the accordance of material flows and the technological potential of the warehouse

“Automation of accounting in operational processes as exemplified by OZON Delivery”

Dmitriy Maksimenko
IT Director
OZON Delivery

“How companies optimize their intra and extralogistic with supply chain platforms”

Bernd Kutz
Chief Solution Expert Supply Chain Execution, Global COE
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Intra and Extralogistic are not islands but integrate with other processes. Those can be external to customers/ suppliers or within the company. Integration is the key requirement for the Digital world and only seamless processes helped our customers to set the basics for their Digitalization.

"IT practices of a logistics provider"

Alfred Eckl
Development director


“WMS of the future – what is it?”

Stanislav Klimovich
Functional consultant
PSI Logistics
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· Interface Click-Design
· Hybrid use with Windows Mobile, Android, iOS
· Full-used Web-Interface without development of individual applications
· Adaptive order start
· Expanded yard management
  Adaptive scenario management 

“Case Study of Successful WMS Implementation and Warehousing Optimization in Stupino Chemical Works”

Alexey Konakov
Logistics Director
Stupino Chemical Works
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The report presents the experience of warehouse automation in Stupino Chemical Works. The participants will be told about the principles of choosing the required system, the difficulties that had to be overcome at various stages of the WMS implementation, the results achieved and the economic benefits obtained. The plans of further development of the company warehousing will be outlined.

“Successful 3PL business development in Business Lines company”

Alex Pavul
Managing Director
Altyc Inc
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In 2014, Company Business Lines, in addition to their core business - cargo and parcel distribution across the country, decided to expand their business operations into 3PL distribution segment. In order to fulfill this plan Business Lines decided to implement separate from core business Warehouse Management System. They selected Accellos WMS. Why this system has been chosen? What business advantages did this selection result in for Business Lines? How did Business Lines manage to establish reliable 3PL distribution at more than 40 distribution centers servicing more than 350 3PL customers during short time period?

“WMS Introduction at the Terminal of a Large Regional Construction and Finishing Materials Chain”

Aleksandr Tsagareyshvili
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SPECTR LLC is a large supplier of finishing materials and household goods. The assortment contains over 30,000 items; the total area of warehouses is more than 25,000 sq.m. The warehousing facilities embrace various types of premises located in relatively close proximity.
The scope of the warehouses, the number of SKUs and personnel, complexity of warehousing operations have required optimization of the code to improve the SEVCO WMS productivity. The report provides the data on the speed of performing complicated operations in the SEVCO WMS which is configured on 1C platform.
Sales organization needs picking orders from different warehouses for delivering them to retail outlets. The report reviews the process of automating wave-picking technology from different warehouses and arranging them for delivery.
Alexander Kisteniov
Logistics Director

“WMS integration by themselves. Cooperation with transport block”

Sergey Kuznetsov
Logistics Director
Global Distribution Centre

Q&A session

Round table of logistics and supply chain managers in manufacturing and retail companies

Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Conference Hall 2
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Topics for discussion:
  • Priority tasks in improvement of supply chains: ranked list and expert comments
  • Secrets of supply chain performance improvement: case studies and experience exchange
  • Methods of calculating the costs in the entire supply chain incurred by the company in servicing its customers in order to improve the profitability (Cost to Serve)
  • Regulation for managing illiquid assets in the supply chain 
They also take part:
     ·    Anastasiya Ageichenko, Project Manager, Supply Chain Russia
  • Nataliya Semennikova, Expert, Supply Chain Russia
  • Kirill Tupin, Logistics Director, Ormatek

Round table of logistics and supply chain managers in manufacturing and retail companies

Yrysbek Tashbaev
Project Head Manager, Supply Chain Russia
Elena Novikova
Director of Customer Service Centre
Heidelberg CIS
Vitaliy Faschilenko
Logistics Manager Russia&Belarus
Henkel Rus
Tatiyana Cherkasova
Manager, Logistics Deprtment
General Electric
Sergey Romanov
Logistic Manager
Astrazeneca Industries
Dmitriy Ovsyannikov
Logistics Director
Leomax Group
Anastasiya Ageichenko
Project Manager
Supply Chain Russia
Nataliya Semennikova
Supply Chain Russia
Kirill Tupin
Logistics Director


Round table discussion of logistics operators

Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Conference Hall 2
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What will be the main trends in logistics in the nearest three years? What technologies need investments on the part of logistics operators? How does e-commerce affect the development of logistics? Is a new expansion of logistics operators to regional areas to be expected? How is fulfillment to be developed? Those are some of the issues to be discussed by the participants.
Alexander Perfiliev
Partner, Head of department of warehouse and industrial real estate, ILM Russia, Head of project
Anna Zavesova
Head of LCL Department
F.S. Makenzie
Sergey Levchenko
Business Development Director
Dmitriy Popov
Fresh Logic
Alexander Fedorov
Production Manager
Major Terminal
Aleksey Zhigalov
Logistics and Operations Director
City Express


Session: Warehouse Logistics for “Fresh” and “Ultra Fresh” Product Categories

Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Conference Hall 2

Session: Warehouse Logistics for “Fresh” and “Ultra Fresh” Product Categories

Alexander Perfiliev
Partner, Head of department of warehouse and industrial real estate, ILM Russia
Head of project,, Moderator

“An experience of solutions of chill supply chain and blue cheese delivery”

Alexander Kurlyand
Operations and Strategy Director
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“Food Logistics (challenges, trends and industry specifics)”

Kseniya Pronina
Head of warehouse and transport logistics
Arla Foods

Q&A session