The 9th International Exhibition for materials handling, warehousing equipment and logistics
19-21 September 2018 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo, pavilion 3

Programme 19.09

Plenary Session: Main Trends in Logistics and Intralogistics 2017-2018: Uber, Big Data, Drones, IoT, Cloud Technologies. What else are we in for?

Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Conference Hall 1
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Uber, Big Data, Drones, IoT, Cloud Technologies, 3D-visualisation and printing, unmanned vehicles, robots, portable gadgets, industrial revolution 4.0.… Currently, there are trends in logistics that are actively debated, gradually adopted and even put into practice. There others that are tentatively considered. Which of them are of immediate interest and promising outlook? Which ones are going to prevail and change the industry? Which are still in the realm of fantasy and dreams?

“Creating a Warehouse of Future. 10 top Recommendations and Solutions”

Vasily Demin
PhD, Director, Center of Innovative Technologies in Logistics, Deputy Director, Coordination Council of Logistics
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· Your warehouse of the future formula: compliance with the demands of your business, use of Industry 4.0 methodology, use of innovative technologies and systems
· What are the barriers hindering creation of the warehouse of the future and what are the ways to overcome them?
· What are the trends of warehousing in manufacturing and retail/wholesale companies?
Ways of achieving the desired standards of your warehouse operations 

“Modern Logistics. Main Challenges, Trends and Breakthrough Technologies”

Andrey Semenov
Sr. Manager “Supply Chain Management. Transport and Logistics”
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· How the challenges facing companies in various industries have changed and what requirements do they impose on logistics?
· What is needed to meet the challenges and the new requirements?
· What is a digital supply chain and how is it going to affect company logistics – networks, personnel, processes and assets?
· What breakthrough technologies are the most promising from the point of view of businesses and what will be in demand, in focus in the next 3, 5 and 10 years?
Which Russian companies or even industries have already embarked on transition to digital supply chain and implementation of breakthrough technologies?
Rostislav Ryabko
Sr. Consultant “Supply Chain Management. Transport and Logistics”
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· Logistics chain optimization - promising technology paving the way to the transition to digital supply chain
· What is the basis of logistics chain optimization, what are the capabilities of its tools and promising trends of their development?
Alexander Mashkov
Logistics Director
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Case study of the logistics chain optimization project implemented in a big telecom company

“Digital Transformation of the MTS Logistics”

Shamil Khairetdinov
Director of Logistics Department
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What will happen if the typical processes are viewed through the prism of figures? Can a new paradigm dramatically affect the financial performance of the company? Let us try to look at those questions through the example of procurement management in MTS telecommunication operator. The company invests annually over half of its income in building the network infrastructure to provide mobile and fixed-line communication for their customers. In the challenging economic environment the company has increased its investments in the network and doubled the optimization of its working capital within three years. Mr. Khairetdinov will share his experience of transforming the procurement process from the traditional pattern to the digital one and tell about the changes introduced in the procurement paradigm in the new circumstances.


Session of TOP-Directors: secrets of successful development of logistics strategy in the leading companies

Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Conference Hall 1
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The top managers of some leading companies are to share their views on the following issues: how to gain success and competitive advantage; what are the main challenges and goals; how to build an effective logistic infrastructure and sustainable supply chain; how to be at the peak of trends without clinging to old technologies, be they well-established and time-proved. The speakers are going to spread their experience and expertise, while inducing other participants to review their outdated approaches to business.


Igor Prokhin

“Federal Law №54 about cash register equipment and logistics”

Elena Pozdneeva
Operations Director

“System Approach to Quality Management in Supply Chains. Challenges and Opportunities for Producers”

Maxim Atnashev
Head of Supply Chain - CIS&An Countries Region
Ferrero Russia

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Pavel Olonov
Logistics Director

“How to build a fashion hypermarket with more than 1500 brands and millions of products”

Paul Rogowski
Senior Operations Director
Lamoda Group
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· Lamoda story & key facts today
· Building a state of the art automated Fulfillment Center and Last mile delivery 
· Operations platform and the future of e-commerce

“Improving Efficiency of Automobile Intralogistics by Satellite Traffic Monitoring”

Sergey Likharev
Vice president for logistics

«Finance for non-financial professionals in logistics»

Denis Gurov
Logistics Director

“Supply Chain Strategy Criteria and Aspects”

Denis Shulga
Logistics Director «Perekrestok»
Х5 Retail Group

Q&A session

Workshops: How to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations without additional investments?

Pavilon 3, Hall 13, Conference Hall 2
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Experts in manufacturing and retail/wholesale are to share their experience in optimizing warehousing processes based on managerial and organizational solutions. The following issues are to be dealt with: how to carry out warehouse efficiency audit in a most competent way; how to identify hidden reserves and wasteful expenses; how to improve the quality of logistic servicing provided by the warehouse, etc.

“Improvement of Logistic Servicing of Consumers by a Warehouse

Vasily Demin
PhD, Director
Center of Innovative Technologies in Logistics, Coordination Council of Logistics, Moderator
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Speed and accuracy of order picking and shipping, warehouse logistics flexibility are among the main KPIs used in evaluating the work of any warehouse. How to build a perfect system of warehouse servicing of external and internal consumers? This is the topic of the report based on the long-term experience of implementation of managerial and technological solutions and best practice.

“Warehouse Efficiency Audit. Identifying Hidden Reserves and Wasteful Expenses”

Andrey Novitskiy
Deputy Director of Logistics Complex
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The aim of the report is to:
· Identify the company business processes involved in the relationships with the warehouse
· Describe and estimate the intensity, structure and amounts of cargo flows
· Establish whether information flows generated by the company are complete and sufficient for warehouse operation
· Fix the limiting factors of the logistics system (operation bottlenecks)
Make adjustments in the commodities and materials processing technology as well as staff functionality as ways of removing the bottlenecks 

“Experience of Performance Management”

Dmitriy Andrianov
Logistics Director
Mistral alko
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· Case study of outsourcing at Mistral Alko LLC as a performance management tool
· Alcohol warehouse specifics
· Alcohol warehouse performance without outsourcing (pros and cons, financial costs)
· 3 PL operation of an alcohol warehouse (why NOT?)
· Limitations of outsourcing in an alcohol warehouse. Their prerequisites
Technology changes needed to employ third party personnel. Results achieved by limited employment of third party personnel 

«Evolution of outsourcing in the warehouse, pros and cons»

Ivan Popov
Regional Logistics Director
Coca-Cola HBC Russia

“Intangible Optimization of the Finished Goods Warehouse Operation”

Alexey Puzenko
Head of finished goods storage industry
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 Having become an integral part of any present-day organization, the warehouse has ceased to be merely a place of storing goods and turned into a complicated production or distribution structure that significantly adds to the image of the organization in the mind of its customers. The report describes some intangible methods of improving the efficiency of warehousing. Great attention is paid to the work and motivation of personnel as the key to success of any company.

“Improvement of organizational processes and technologies of performance of work”

Evgeny Kobzev
Head of Warehouse and Transport Logistics Department
PRODO Management

“Organization of Remote Training System for Ormatek CJSC Warehouse Personnel”

Kirill Tupin
Logistics Director
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· Bottlenecks: what happened upon losing workforce in the warehouse, how a system of intramural training was developed,
· What were the results, how the feedback was organized
· Developing a new training system: the goals of the remote training project; events organized; problems related to those events; choosing the solution and implementation of the remote training system in the warehouse

“Hidden pitfalls of automation of food warehouse”

Zafarhon Alihodzhaev
Logistics Director
Stolichnye postavki

Q&A session